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    On 11 October 2009, regional and local elections were held at different levels in 75 of 83 regions. In all, about 12 million people voted. The most important and hotly contested elections were to regional assemblies in 3 regions (Moscow city, Tula, Mariy-El). In Moscow, six parties contested 35 seats under a mixed electoral system with 17 single member district (SMD) seats won by first-past-the-post and 18 list seats contested by proportional representation (PR) with a 7 percent threshold. The results of the list vote were: United Russia (66.25%), KPRF (13.30%), LDPR (6.13%), Fair Russia (5.33%), Yabloko (4.71%), Patriots of Russia (1.81%).

    In Tula region, seven parties contested 48 seats in the regional assembly under a pure PR system with a 7 percent threshold. The results were: United Russia (55.40%), KPRF (18.33%), Fair Russia (13.99%), LDPR (6.00%), Right Cause (1.90%), Yabloko (1.58%) and Patriots of Russia (0.80%).

    In the Mariy-El republic, five parties contested 52 seats under a mixed electoral system with half the seats won by FPTP and half by PR with a 7 percent threshold. The list results were: United Russia (64.55%), KPRF (19.53%), LDPR (7.20%), Fair Russia(3.59%), and Right Cause (2.20%).

    The same day there were various by-elections for regional assemblies, and elections and by-elections for municipal assemblies and mayors.

    On 14 October, all three opposition parties in the Duma--KPRF, LDPR and Fair Russia–walked out in protest at the results of the regional assembly elections. On 15 October, LDPR and Fair Russia agreed to return to work, and the Communists followed a few days later.

    RFE/RL quoted Putin as saying from Beijing, where he was on an official visit: "If someone has doubts about the fairness of the elections, they should go to court and prove it, because otherwise they will keep saying endlessly that the elections were unfair, that they were bad. They should provide evidence." President Dmitry Medvedev has said the 11 October elections were conducted in accordance with the law.

    On 19 October, Mikhail Gorbachev gave an interview in Novaya Gazeta in which he alleged the elections had been falsified.

    Official results of all regional and local elections are reported by the Central Electoral Commission here:

    Below are some results from a Levada Center poll conducted the week after the elections:


Q1. Were there any regional or local elections in your region (city, district) last Sunday 11 October?

elections; local; regional; provincial; oblast; assemblies; parliaments; mayors; town councils




Q2. (If elections held) Did you vote in these regional or local elections, and if yes, for what party?

regional; local; elections; parties; United Russia; Communists; Fair Russia; Liberal Democrats; spoiled ballots; voting; votes




Q3. (If elections held) Do you think there were violations in the organization of the elections and vote count, and if yes, how serious were they?

regional; local; elections; oblast; falsification; fraud; violations; administrative resource; electoral commission




Q4. Do you think the elections on 11 October can be recognized as reflecting the opinion of the population of Russia?

elections; regional; local; legitimacy; representation; fraud; turnout; United Russia; electorate



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