List of Political Parties (2003-2011)

For the December 2011 election, 7 parties were permitted to nominate candidates and all of them registered a list of candidates with the Central Electoral Commission:

Name of party Date registered by CEC
A Fair Russia 17 October 2011
Communist Party of the Russian Federation 14 October 2011
Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia 5 October 2011
Patriots of Russia 27 October 2011
Right Cause 24 October 2011
United Russia 18 October 2011
Yabloko 27 October 2011

The Central Election Commission registered eleven parties for a place on the ballot on 2 December 2007, and refused registration to three. The results of the nomination process are shown below.

  List vote, % (2007) Address of internet site Basis of registration.
Parties which have been registered for a place on the ballot (top 3 candidates)
United Russia (Putin@) 64.1 Won list seats in 2003
Communist Party (Zyuganov, Alferov, Kharitonov) 11.6 Won list seats in 2003
Liberal-Democratic Party (Zhirinovsky, Lugovoi, Lebedev) 8.2 Won list seats in 2003
Fair Russia: Motherland, Pensioners, Life (Mironov, Goryacheva, Shargunov)* 7.8 Paid deposit
Agrarian Party of Russia (Plotnikov, Brusnikova, Shandybin) 2.3 Collected signatures
Yabloko (Yavlinsky, Kovalev, Ivanenko) 1.6 Paid deposit
Civil Strength (Barshchevsky, Ryavkin, Pokhmelkin) 1.1 Collected signatures
Union of Right Forces (Belykh, Nemtsov, Chudakova) 1.0 Paid deposit
Patriots of Russia 0.9 Paid deposit
Party of Social Fairness (Podberezkin, Leskov, Vorotnikov)** 0.2 Collected signatures
Democratic Party of Russia (Bogdanov, Smirnov, Gimazov) 0.1 Collected signatures
Parties which have been refused registration for a place on the ballot
  List vote, % (2003) Address of internet site Basis of refusal.
Greens (Panfilov, Konegen, Semenov) 0.4 Insufficient valid signatures
Peace and Unity (Umalatova, Tyrin, Veduta) 0.3 Insufficient valid signatures
People's Union (Baburin, Alksnis, Batanov) Did not compete Insufficient valid signatures
Party which failed to certify a list of candidates:
Rebirth of Russia*** 1.9 --
Competed in 2003 but no longer registered as a political party:
  List vote, % (2003) Address of internet site  
People's Party-NPRF 1.2  
Conceptual Party 'Unity' 1.2  
New Course: Automobiles 0.8    
For Holy Russia 0.5    
Development of Enterprise 0.4  
Real Patriots of Russia 0.3    
Eurasian Union 0.3    
Constitutional-Democratic Party 0.2    
Union of People for Education and Science (SLON) 0.2  
Popular-Republican Party 0.1    
United Russian Party Rus' 0.2    
Source: Central Election Commission, Accessed 29.10.07.
&global=1&sub_region=0&prver=0&pronetvd=null&vibid=100100021960181&type=236, Accessed 29.10.07


@United Russia nominated only one candidate, Putin, to the all-federalist section of its list, which normally consists of a party's top 3 candidates.

* In 2003 ran as Motherland.  During 2006 Motherland merged with Party of Pensioners (which with Party of Social Fairness in 2003 won 3.1%) and Party of Life (which with Rebirth of Russia in 2003 won 1.9%).  The combined party is called "Fair Russia: Motherland, Pensioners, Life" or "Fair Russia" for short.

** In 2003 ran as a joint list with Party of Pensioners.

*** In 2003, ran as a joint list with Party of Life.

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