Reasons for the Second Chechen War

Q. In August 1996 the Khasyavurt Agreements initiated the process of a peaceful settlement of relations between Russia and Chechnya. Why do you think hostilities started again in 1999? (Several answers possible).
Blame for Chechens: total % 65
Aggressive nature of Chechens 17
Chechen authorities broke the agreement, pursuing an anti-Russian policy 16
Chechen authorities were unable to control crime and kidnappings 12
Economic collapse and poor living conditions in Chechnya 10
Provocations by Basaev and Khattab, incursions into Dagestan 8
Putin arrived on the scene to put a stop to incursions 2
Blame for Russians: total % 61
Someone profits economically from the war in Chechnya 48
The flames of war were fanned by the Yeltsin circle and the federal authorities 8
The Khasyavurt Agreements were humiliating for Russia 3
Russian generals couldn't accept defeat 1
Blame for both: total % 15
The Khasyavurt Agreements were only temporary, no one intended to keep them 11
The Chechen problem can only be solved by military means 5
Blame for outsiders: total % 15
Influence by Wahhabis, Islamists 8
Incitement by Western secret services 7
Other 2
Don't know 20
Source: nationwide survey, 15-18 August 2003, N=1600

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